Attend wedding banquet, party, dance - evening bag

  With the change of the pace of life, girls are carrying more things when they go out everyday. At the same time, they also realize that it is not feasible to put things in their pants pockets. Placing mobile phones, keys, etc. in their pants pockets will destroy the overall shape and make your legs look more clumsy. Therefore, the importance of bags is highlighted. The hand bag is more convenient and portable than the bag that needs to be "put on". The handbags are also hard to control.

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  When selecting a suitable handbag, pay attention to the color, size and pattern. Take the color first. The color matching of solid color is the easiest to match and the least prone to make mistakes. If you have only one handbag, choose the color matching of bright color. Such as red or yellow.

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  If you want to buy more than one style, you can refer to the same color system of the main color of your usual clothes in color, and make an embellishment echo in color.

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  In the case of multiple handbags, other colors should not be all dark colors. You can also choose solid color or color contrast and bright colors.

  The size of the hand bag depends on your personal preference or the number of items you need to carry every day. The big bag is free and easy, the small bag is exquisite, and the comfortable one is the best.

  Accessories can best reflect the value of a bag and the taste of the bag owner. If your budget is enough, you can choose some handbags with the brand logo. If your budget is low, you can choose some classic patterns such as thousand bird pattern and stripe pattern.

  In terms of material, it is recommended to use leather or diamond inlaid material. The material is firm and straight, which will not make the handbag look very collapsed.