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Accessorizing your Dresses is very essential. Just like the accessories that you wear, the ones that you sport and hold are also very critical in determining the overall look of your outfit. Accessories can make even normal outfit look stunning but at the same time they can also make your best outfit look shabby if you don’t pair them up properly. Bags and clutches hence become very essential to every outfit that you wear. They possess both, a fashion value as well as a utility value. They come in handy when you need to carry around your money, cards, keys, and phone and of course, your make up.

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A great tip for choosing the best clutch purses is to think in terms of the opposite of your body shape. For example, if you're tall and/or thin, a squarish, soft clutch purse is likely to be flattering. If you're plus-sized, a sleek envelope shape can be a better choice. Leather tends to be a good, durable choice for everyday clutches, while something beaded, sequined, metallic or satiny can be stunning for evening wear. A tuck-in, optional strap feature can be practical in clutch purses, but make sure to allow enough space for what you need to carry, as bulky, overstuffed bags look unattractive.

Here’s a guide on how to choose the right evening clutch bags for every party:

1. Choose a bag size that complements your body structure:
One of the factors you must consider when choosing handbags, clutches, and other bags is the size. Your clutch should complement the size and structure of your body as well. Fortunately, clutch bags usually come in different sizes, to match every body size and shape.

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For instance, if you are a very petite person, then it seems fit that you carry a handy and small bag that will look proportional to you. For taller people, it might be better to wear a big clutch bag. Try on different kinds of sizes and see what fits you the most.

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2. Choose the right color bag:
On top of that, clutch bags come in different colors. Choosing the color of your clutch bag will depend on how you want to use it. For example, if you plan to use that clutch bag as an everyday bag, then it’s best if you get a clutch bag with neutral colors. As a bonus, neutral-colored bags can go well with almost every kind of outfit.
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On the other hand, for special occasions, you might want to get a clutch bag with brighter colors and make your outfit stand out. After all, you are going to a party so your clutch bag must look like the life of the party as well.

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3. Pick a good material clutch or sling:
A clutch bag with good material can change your overall look significantly. Having clutch bags made from good quality material will last longer and carry a certain look to it. At the same time, it will not make your clutch bag look flimsy and give it some structure.

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Choosing a good material clutch or sling can drastically affect the look of the same. Leather clutches have a more pleasing look and also last longer. Clutches that are not made of good quality materials tend to look flimsy and shabby and droop down at the edges.

4. Choose a Bags whose function corresponds to the purpose of the party
What you want in your clutch bag is also versatility. You need something that can be flexible and complement different events, seasons, and styles. For example, a clutch bag with lots of glitters and a striking color might only fit well at a party.

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So, better get a clutch bag that can be used on different occasions. For example, an envelope clutch bag is one of the styles that can really fit in work settings, parties, casual lunches, and evening dinners. It’s both functional and stylish.

5. Party
Clutch bags are also very event-exclusive at times. If you are looking for a clutch bag for a specific kind of event, here are some tips on how you can narrow down your choices:
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Cocktail Party Clutch – For cocktail parties, you might want to opt for those box clutches with a lock on top. It’s all about confetti, metal, and studs. This will complement your party ensemble.
Day Clutch – Day clutches are usually neutral in color and can be a crossbody bag or carried as a clutch bag. You can fit all your essentials inside.
Envelope Clutch – This is the most basic clutch.
Night Clutch – For black tie events, you might want to get clutches with a little glitter on that’s also convertible to a strap-on. Choose a clutch bag that exudes elegance with crystals and silver-tone brass to fit in well with the event.

6. Be yourself, stick to what you love
Last but not least, the most important rule of all when it comes to choosing a clutch bag is being yourself and wearing what makes you feel confident and beautiful. It all boils down to whatever makes you feel comfortable. Don’t let rules in fashion hamper your own creative style when it comes to dressing up. Use fashion as a way to express yourself in your own special way.
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